Top 15 Best Android Launcher for free on Playstore

Android operating system Launcher programs are commonly used by most of the Android operating system customers to improve their encounter and give a complete transformation to the desltop of their system. You can obtain the Android operating system Launcher Applications and alter the overall look and do lot many factors. So, let us have a look at highly 15 Best Android operating system Launcher Applications which can let you do anything on your Android operating system system.

Best Android operating system Launchers 100 % free Download from Android operating system Playstore:

1. Activity Launcher

Action Launcher is the all-time preferred of Android operating system customers as it comes with inventory Android operating system encounter and specs to add originality to your Android operating system system. The Quicktime function allows you change the concept and color of the UI centered on the set wallpapers and the shades function allow you to check the app’s icons without establishing them on the desktop. There are also personalization and theming functions making it look more like a telephone running on Oreo.

2. ADW Launcher 2

ADW Launcher 2 is the newest launcher app for Android operating system system which comes with the function like UI upgrade and inventory android. It also has launcher strategies and other personalized components, additions, and many additional functions. The launcher also has the best create your own gadget function. You may either obtain the launcher free of charge or go for the top quality edition by paying a charge of $3.49.

3. Top Launcher

Apex Launcher also is still enduring Android operating system Launcher app like Activity Launcher and it concentrates on providing you with the inventory Android operating system appearance and encounter with some improvements. For example the function to modify factors like scrolling routines, conversion animated graphics and also a scrolling docking station where you get the opportunity to lay a wide range of symbols. It also comes with a concept engine.

4. AIO Launcher

AIO Launcher performs in a different way from all other Android operating system launchers. It comes with the capability to change the desltop and grow it with the information-packed listing of things. It will let you see the inbound cellphone calls and information, the press player and the system details right from the desltop while verifying of other components of things news and tweets and Bitcoin prices from desltop becomes easier with the launcher.

5. EverythingMe Launcher

EverythingMe Launcher is the perfect Android operating system Launcher App which is available for obtain at Play Store. This launcher comes with many functions and intelligent files which can classify the apps instantly. The launcher also consists of the contextual nourish of different components of things skipped cellphone calls, notices, schedule activities and more. It understands your routines progressively and performs well accordingly eventually.

6. Evie Launcher

Evie Android operating system Launcher is yet another excellent pick of the year which is portable and quickest launcher for Android operating system gadgets with some excellent and improvements. This Android operating system Launcher makes use of the Pixel Launcher style app cabinet which you can simply glide up from the base of the display. It will also support symbol features, in-dock method and allows you to modify lines dimension on the desltop.

Best Android Launcher

7. Lawnchair Launcher

This is completely a new launcher app which appears like the pixel launchers. It also functions many improvements like pixel launcher such as symbol package assistance, notice spots, Oreo-like strategies, flexible symbols, Search engines Now Incorporation and many other custom remaking. It is a new app and available in try out.

8. Trim Launcher

Lean Android operating system Launcher is the newest launcher app that will give you with a amount of inventory Android operating system and loaded with many excellent bone injuries such as app strategies, notice spots, Search engines Now, symbol shape and more. It also has many personalized functions and a dual tap to secure function. It is totally without any charge and has some functions for your use.

9. Super Launcher

Lightning Launcher is the highly effective, yet personalized Android operating system Launcher. It is very portable and gives you the opportunity to modify almost anything on the desltop of your Android operating system system. It allows you to have several places of homepages centered on the activities and feelings. Scripting assistance is the exclusive function of the launcher which allows you to use JavaScript to do anything on your Android operating system system.

10. Microsof company Launcher

Microsoft Launcher is the newest app featuring integration with different Microsof company services like email, schedule, to-do record app and immediate integration with the Microsof company PCs. Activity control is the personalized function of the launcher. It is without any charge to use the launcher and available in try out. This is the best launcher for those who want to incorporate better with the Windows PC.

11. Next Launcher 3D Shell

This is the new launcher app such as 3D animated graphics and different types of conversion effects and other personalization options. This launcher also functions scrollbar which can help you perspective your desltop and find the appropriate position of the desltop.

12. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is another well-known Android operating system launcher app that comes with a wide range of personalization functions like gesture assistance, capability to change the encounter and look of the app, styles, symbol package assistance and others. This launcher also comes with the function to back-up and recover the desltop structure if you move to any other new cellphone.

13. Smart Launcher 3

Smart Launcher 3 is also the favored and well known Launcher App for Android operating system which comes with many new and improvements and allows you to re-size the lines dimension and do lot more. It allows you to have notices on desltop and functions several styles, contextual search, plug-in assistance and more. It allows you to cover the apps behind security password hair.

14. TSF Launcher

TSF Launcher is the exclusive launcher application for Android operating system such as custom remaking such as gesture assistance and allows you to do lot many awesome factors. But, this launcher app does not have in providing all the improvements that other launcher apps offer nowadays. Still, it has some functions such as 3D animated graphics, group choices of products and endless docking station bar. It is without any charge to obtain and use and has the additional plug-in that contributes app badges.

15. Yahoo’s Aviate Launcher for Android

This is the Android operating system Launcher which is designed by Google and it does some excellent helpful factors like planning the apps instantly into specific groups and it comes with some excellent personalization functions. This launcher does not have in some functions which other launcher provides but has improvements to improve your encounter such as climate integration, company functions, and some other fun-filled functions.

These were some of the best and premier Android operating system Launchers which are worth considering if you are using Android operating system gadgets. So, obtain and try out any of these Android operating system Launchers nowadays.