Top 15 Best Android Launcher for free on Playstore

Android operating system Launcher programs are commonly used by most of the Android operating system customers to improve their encounter and give a complete transformation to the desltop of their system. You can obtain the Android operating system Launcher Applications and alter the overall look and do lot many factors. So, let us have a look at highly 15 Best Android operating system Launcher Applications which can let you do anything on your Android operating system system.

Best Android operating system Launchers 100 % free Download from Android operating system Playstore:

1. Activity Launcher

Action Launcher is the all-time preferred of Android operating system customers as it comes with inventory Android operating system encounter and specs to add originality to your Android operating system system. The Quicktime function allows you change the concept and color of the UI centered on the set wallpapers and the shades function allow you to check the app’s icons without establishing them on the desktop. There are also personalization and theming functions making it look more like a telephone running on Oreo.

2. ADW Launcher 2

ADW Launcher 2 is the newest launcher app for Android operating system system which comes with the function like UI upgrade and inventory android. It also has launcher strategies and other personalized components, additions, and many additional functions. The launcher also has the best create your own gadget function. You may either obtain the launcher free of charge or go for the top quality edition by paying a charge of $3.49.

3. Top Launcher

Apex Launcher also is still enduring Android operating system Launcher app like Activity Launcher and it concentrates on providing you with the inventory Android operating system appearance and encounter with some improvements. For example the function to modify factors like scrolling routines, conversion animated graphics and also a scrolling docking station where you get the opportunity to lay a wide range of symbols. It also comes with a concept engine.

4. AIO Launcher

AIO Launcher performs in a different way from all other Android operating system launchers. It comes with the capability to change the desltop and grow it with the information-packed listing of things. It will let you see the inbound cellphone calls and information, the press player and the system details right from the desltop while verifying of other components of things news and tweets and Bitcoin prices from desltop becomes easier with the launcher.

5. EverythingMe Launcher

EverythingMe Launcher is the perfect Android operating system Launcher App which is available for obtain at Play Store. This launcher comes with many functions and intelligent files which can classify the apps instantly. The launcher also consists of the contextual nourish of different components of things skipped cellphone calls, notices, schedule activities and more. It understands your routines progressively and performs well accordingly eventually.

6. Evie Launcher

Evie Android operating system Launcher is yet another excellent pick of the year which is portable and quickest launcher for Android operating system gadgets with some excellent and improvements. This Android operating system Launcher makes use of the Pixel Launcher style app cabinet which you can simply glide up from the base of the display. It will also support symbol features, in-dock method and allows you to modify lines dimension on the desltop.

Best Android Launcher

7. Lawnchair Launcher

This is completely a new launcher app which appears like the pixel launchers. It also functions many improvements like pixel launcher such as symbol package assistance, notice spots, Oreo-like strategies, flexible symbols, Search engines Now Incorporation and many other custom remaking. It is a new app and available in try out.

8. Trim Launcher

Lean Android operating system Launcher is the newest launcher app that will give you with a amount of inventory Android operating system and loaded with many excellent bone injuries such as app strategies, notice spots, Search engines Now, symbol shape and more. It also has many personalized functions and a dual tap to secure function. It is totally without any charge and has some functions for your use.

9. Super Launcher

Lightning Launcher is the highly effective, yet personalized Android operating system Launcher. It is very portable and gives you the opportunity to modify almost anything on the desltop of your Android operating system system. It allows you to have several places of homepages centered on the activities and feelings. Scripting assistance is the exclusive function of the launcher which allows you to use JavaScript to do anything on your Android operating system system.

10. Microsof company Launcher

Microsoft Launcher is the newest app featuring integration with different Microsof company services like email, schedule, to-do record app and immediate integration with the Microsof company PCs. Activity control is the personalized function of the launcher. It is without any charge to use the launcher and available in try out. This is the best launcher for those who want to incorporate better with the Windows PC.

11. Next Launcher 3D Shell

This is the new launcher app such as 3D animated graphics and different types of conversion effects and other personalization options. This launcher also functions scrollbar which can help you perspective your desltop and find the appropriate position of the desltop.

12. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is another well-known Android operating system launcher app that comes with a wide range of personalization functions like gesture assistance, capability to change the encounter and look of the app, styles, symbol package assistance and others. This launcher also comes with the function to back-up and recover the desltop structure if you move to any other new cellphone.

13. Smart Launcher 3

Smart Launcher 3 is also the favored and well known Launcher App for Android operating system which comes with many new and improvements and allows you to re-size the lines dimension and do lot more. It allows you to have notices on desltop and functions several styles, contextual search, plug-in assistance and more. It allows you to cover the apps behind security password hair.

14. TSF Launcher

TSF Launcher is the exclusive launcher application for Android operating system such as custom remaking such as gesture assistance and allows you to do lot many awesome factors. But, this launcher app does not have in providing all the improvements that other launcher apps offer nowadays. Still, it has some functions such as 3D animated graphics, group choices of products and endless docking station bar. It is without any charge to obtain and use and has the additional plug-in that contributes app badges.

15. Yahoo’s Aviate Launcher for Android

This is the Android operating system Launcher which is designed by Google and it does some excellent helpful factors like planning the apps instantly into specific groups and it comes with some excellent personalization functions. This launcher does not have in some functions which other launcher provides but has improvements to improve your encounter such as climate integration, company functions, and some other fun-filled functions.

These were some of the best and premier Android operating system Launchers which are worth considering if you are using Android operating system gadgets. So, obtain and try out any of these Android operating system Launchers nowadays.

AppVn Apk Download Free For Android and PC Widnows Latest Version!!

If you are fans of installing activities and programs then obtain it from AppVn. It is an App shop where you can obtain programs, activities, E-books, Comic strips, Ring-tones etc for 100 % free. If you are looking for the new top popular mobile phone programs and activities then obtain it from AppVn to appreciate. AppVn Apk is a well-known third-party app shop where you can find programs from the based system. Customers can also obtain a compensated app for 100 % free.

Many activities and programs are available on AppVn Apk so for what you are patiently awaiting this app are really best and a well-known unique app shop where you can obtain activities, programs and much more to experience filled with fun and enjoyment. AppVn can use not only on Android operating system you can also use it on your iOS, PC, and various systems. So to obtain AppVn on your Android operating system we have mentioned below read it to get help while installing.

How to Download AppVn Apk On Your Device?

AppVn is not available on perform shop so to obtain on your Android operating system we will provide operating link to get Apk data file but to set up your system protection will not allow without allowing unidentified resource so to allow follow the actions given below.

Here are the actions for installing AppVn Apk;

  • Firstly, to obtain Click Here.
  • After getting straight you cant set up.
  • To Install allow unidentified resource by going to your system establishing choice.
  • From your establishing choice look for protection key tap on it and allow unidentified resources by reaching on OK.
  • Now you can begin an set up, wait for few minutes to get set up.
  • Your AppVn app shop is ready to use appreciate it.
  • These are the actions of installing AppVn on your Android operating system. Download it to get millions of programs and activities.

Above we have mentioned installing process now let’s have a look at its functions which is really awesome. Begin installing the app by following the above actions and relish the best functions here to appreciate with many features.

Here are the features;

  • Unlike other App, Store AppVn up-dates latest activities and programs.
  • You can obtain many compensated programs for 100 % free on your system.
  • AppVn has a proper operating look for bar, which will help you to get the programs that you want.
  • AppVn is very easy to use and obtain it.
  • AppVn works totally 100 % free, fast and helps you to save your internet data.
  • 100% 100 % free activities and programs compared to Play Store.
  • AppVn offers the above functions for users, it’s really awesome and awesome where you will get latest and up-dates latest activities and programs, appreciate by getting referrals and installing programs from the AppVn perform shop.


AppVn is really best and awesome app shop where you can obtain programs and activities for 100 % free without any cost. So if you want latest and up-dates activities and programs then use AppVn you should be experiencing with filled with enjoyment. Hope the above post assisted you in giving details and in installing the APK data file on your Android operating system. If you have any questions about the above details take a moment to ask your concerns.

How to change the router password?

These days no matter where you go you can see people using the world extensive web most of plenty of your time on a variety of different gadgets. Whether it is a laptop or a product or a cell phone, they all seem to be attached to the world extensive web providing to a very extensive variety of uses for all types of customers. One of the most common methods that this connection is provided is through the use of wireless routers. However, being a paying user of the world extensive web, you need to protect your system from illegal accessibility, whether it is from your next door neighbor taking your online or at a high-end business environment. One of the most basic methods to do so is by putting a protection password on your 192.168.1 wi-fi router. Given below is a specific and clear and understandable guide for establishing or modifying your wi-fi router protection password.

Accessing the Console:

The very first step involved here is to gain accessibility to system of your wi-fi router. Based on the device that you are using, it can either be or or a variety of other details that are known to be the standard details of different wireless routers. Once you open that address in your internet browser, you can see a sign in pop-up that requests you for your system sign in and protection password that protects your wi-fi router itself. Once one enters that sign in and protection password, you can go into the wi-fi router system where all the changes are made.

Wireless Menu:

Depending on the wi-fi router that you are using, you will either need to go to the wi-fi selection or the protection selection to allow protection password on your online. ‘cisco’ gadgets usually have this option in the wi-fi selection. When one enters that selection, you will see two options, protection kind, and protection password. For the new customers, the protection password area will be to change wifi password

Ensuring Security

When you reach the protection password area you can put it any protection password term that you like. It is strongly suggested that you use an alphanumeric protection password as they are unique and therefore more complicated to break. As far as the protection kind cares, you are suggested to choose WPA2 as that is the most protected of all. Do not choose WEP as this is very simple to break and can certainly create your system more susceptible. It is also a wise decision that you keep all the characters and numbers unique and use a long enough protection password. The longer the passphrase is, the better it is to break it. There are also other methods to create your wi-fi system protected.

Changing System Name

While you are in recption menus, you can also change the name of your system. This is the name seems when you are searching for Wi-Fi. Using an simple and acquainted name can help you in acknowledging your system quickly, especially when there are several other online relationships around you. The system name is known as its SSID and for a lot of wireless routers, this establishing is present in the same selection.

Once done, preserve your configurations at the bottom of the website and close the system website. Now all the gadgets that were previously attached to the system will require the new protection password that you added using your wi-fi router system to plug to the world extensive web.

Nox App Player for PC to Download All Android Apps on Your Windows

When you are searching for Android os Emulator to main your PC then Nox App Gamer will be mostly used. Now with Nox Gamer, You can engage in all Android os programs on Individual Laptop computer or computer. Many individuals are using only Android os programs on their Laptop computer or computer with the help of Android os emulator. Therefore, with the help of this app, Anyone can easily obtain any Android os app or activity fully without any trouble. Just imagine about the App that is available for extremely without charge.

Downloading this app is a good way to obtain Android os programs for 100 % totally free. This implies all the mobile activities can participate in with full enjoyment on PC. Another factor you must also know that Nox is not only the Android os Emulator. There are more other similar to emulators; they are Bluestacks, Andrew etc. But due to some of the other reasons if you are not pleased with such emulator then you can go up with this App Gamer.

Facts About Nox App Gamer – How to Download It?

Nox App Gamer is the top-notch Android os Emulator that you will ever come across. And when setting up the Ms windows edition, they are available totally for totally free. This computer file is specially engineered and produced for both PC and Mac. Here you can engage in Android’s best collection of programs and activities without stressful your battery power performance. This implies with being the best Android os emulator, it also gives you better battery power activities.


However, the actual this app is that the pre-installed Shop is available here. Meaning that with just a easy simply click visit your Google account and set up all the needed programs. Now you can stay away from the small display Smart phone to try out activities and get the chance to sprint Cash of Groups, Forehead Run, and other protecting activity on a big display. Nox App Emulator is especially for those activity fans who like to task the experience online from their Ms windows PC itself. Therefore, here we will make aware of the methods for setting up the app on their Laptop computer or computer. We will continue with setting up and setting up methods soon.

Download Process of Nox App Player:

For setting up the newest Nox App Gamer, adhere to the advised steps that we have written down.

For setting up the very first computer file simply click Here
Click on the Download computer file and hang on for it to get an extensive obtain.
A concept will inform you when the obtain is finished.
This is how you can obtain Nox App Emulator. Now, we will move on with methods for setting up.

Installation Of Nox App Player:

  • Before you set up this emulator, do adhere to the entire setting up procedure.
  • Right after obtain, locate the data declare set up, just simply move the symbol or simply click it.
  • Click on Install button and hang on a minute for set up to get completed.
  • When it is very set up Run the computer file on your Laptop computer or computer.
  • Certainly, you will be expected to complete your Google mail ID and security password last but not least log in.
  • Finally, with ease, you can use this emulator to obtain programs and activities from the Perform Shop and luxuriate in them on your Ms windows PC.
  • In this way, you can get your Android os Emulator right on your Laptop computer or computer. Since you are still wrongly identified as this App Gamer, We suggest you to have a look at the additional functions.

Features of Nox App Player:

This is the best Android os Emulator that helps you to obtain all Android os programs and activities.
The App can participate in both in Individual Laptop computer or computer as well as Mac device.
Unlike other Android os Emulators, Nox Gamer has easy as well as an easy user interface that makes it quite easy to use.
With Nox Gamer at the same time, you can have several accounts with several activities.
With this app on your PC, you can have better control on your activities as because you can use your mouse as well as desktop computer key-board or laptop key-board.
Even after running many programs with Nox Gamer, it eventually allows your pc for quicker start-up.
Now with this, you can engage in all activities on a big display with a better experience.
What are the Specifications to Download the App on your PC?
The minimum requirements to get the Android os Emulator on your PC or laptop are given below;

You will also need 3GB hard drive along with 1GB Video memory.
The first of all need is 2GB RAM along with 2.2 GHz processor


We believe that you have experienced your Android os activities on your PC after setting up Nox App Gamer on your Ms windows based pc. You can use so many programs like WhatsApp, Facebook or myspace, activities like Conflict of Groups, and much more. So, Android os Emulator is a must obtain Gamer that you need if you are willing to get Android os programs on your PC.

Electric Trucks: Awesomeness On Wheels

Tesla very recently introduced to the world to their new Electric semi truck, and the world was suitably impressed. Tesla has managed to develop a truck that can travel 800 km on a single charge, can accelerate from 0 to 100 km an hour with a full 35 tonne load in 20 seconds, and can ascend a 5% hill with the same load at 110 km/hr.

These power statistics a very impressive and headline-grabbing, but more importantly for the trucking industry is the cost savings that come from an electric truck. Cost savings originate from two areas, the very low cost of electricity compared to diesel, and the very long lifetime of the electric drivetrain, which is warrantie by Tesla or 1.6 million km.

The electric truck operating in a hilly environment or a stop go built up environment has a major advantage over diesel trucks in that around 98% or the energy that it’s built up at speed can be recovered if it needs to stop or slow down. An electric truck that are sends and then descends a large hill can recover almost all of its energy used in the ascent, and the brake pads remain unused. Tesla also has the technology to allow one lead truck in a convoy to be followed by a number of other trucks that are driverless, and this will not only cut out the cost of the drivers but also cut fuel consumption dramatically for the following vehicles. The end result is that electric trucks in convoy can transport goods at less than 50% of the cost for diesel truck.

The onging regular cost of engine maintenance is significant for diesel trucks, but in Tesla’s electric truck this cost disappears. The truck is powered by 4 independent electric motors that are identical to the electric motors in the Tesla Model 3, and these motors have only 2 or 3 moving parts and essentially can last for millions of miles. Tesla has also removed another large maintenance cost by using a patented hardened windscreen which can survive any stones without even a mark, as compared to normal windscreens which always have to be replaced. Across a large trucking fleet the average time between replacements per vehicle is around 1 month, and the cost of this is significant not only in the replacement cost but also in the time the truck is out of action.

Trucking companies are already placing multiple orders for the trucks, even though they will not arrive until 2020. A firm in Canada that transports heavy machinery into the bush intends to strip off all of the aerodynamic fairings on the trucks to make it easier to put snow chains on wheels, but they intend to use the truck in all situations including moving very heavy equipment and machinery. The four independent rear wheels will allow the truck to move up steep rough roads much faster and safer than diesel equivalents.

Trucking firms in Europe are also extremely excited, because the truck purchase will see pay back in around 7 months as compared to existing diesel trucks and is an absolute no-brainer for most applications for heavy trucking.